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With the Motability Scheme you can simply exchange part, or all of your mobility allowance, to lease a new scooter or powered wheelchair.



How It Works


The Motability standard lease is over three years & payments are simply deducted from your higher rate mobility allowance every four weeks & paid directly to Motability by the Department for Work & Pensions.  Prices start from just £12.50 a week & there are over 300 products to choose from.



Simple All-Inclusive Leasing 


Every lease is all-inclusive, which means breakdown assistance, tyre & battery replacement, servicing, maintenance & insurance are included in the price you pay.



Trusted By Over 600,000 Customers


Today over 600,000 customers up & down the country enjoy the options & independence the Motability Scheme brings.



Allowances & The Scheme 


If you receive one of the allowances listed below you can apply to join the Motability Scheme, or if you are the parent or guardian of a child aged three or over you can apply on their behalf.  Only the person in receipt of the allowance can use the scooter or powered wheelchair. 


You need to have at least 12 months remaining on your award when you apply.  If your allowance is due to end during your lease, you just need to make sure that the allowance is renewed with the Department for Work & Pensions (DWP).  However, if your award is not renewed, for whatever reason, you just hand the scooter or powered wheelchair back – you won’t be liable for any costs after the product is handed back.


If you have any questions regarding your award you should contact the DWP.


Find out more about allowances & the Motability Scheme at



Payment Is Organised For You


The Motability Scheme will arrange for the relevant payments to be deducted from your mobility allowance every four weeks, then paid directly to the Motability Scheme by the Department for Work & Pensions or Veterans UK.  As most products cost less than your weekly allowance, you receive the remainder directly from the Department for Work & Pensions or Veterans UK to spend however you choose.



PIP Reassessments


If you currently receive DLA & are invited for a PIP reassessment, as long as your application is successful & you are awarded the ERMC of PIP, you will still be eligible to apply to join the Motability Scheme.


If the DWP has already invited you to apply for a PIP reassessment, you will need to wait for the outcome before applying to join the Motability Scheme.


For more information, visit





Higher Rate Mobility Component of the Disability Living Allowance (HRMC of DLA)

Enhanced Rate of the Mobility Component of Personal Independence Payment (ERMC of PIP)

War Pensioners’ Mobility Supplement (WPMS)

Armed Forces Independence Payment (AFIP) 


Please note that the Attendance Allowance cannot be used to lease through the Motability Scheme.



A Simple All-Inclusive Lease Package


To make leasing a scooter or powered wheelchair through the Motability Scheme as affordable & worry-free as possible, all of the essentials below are included in the price you pay.


Servicing & Maintenance – To keep your scooter or powered wheelchair reliable & in good condition, all servicing & maintenance is included as part of the Motability Scheme’s worry-free package.


Breakdown Recovery – If you break down or get a puncture, the Motability Scheme partners at Motability Assist will help get you & your scooter or powered wheelchair home so we (your dealer) can carry out the necessary repairs.


Tyre Replacement – There’s no need for you to worry about any punctures or damage to tyres, the Motability Scheme will repair or replace them if there is a problem.


Battery Replacement – Your scooter or powered wheelchair will come with a battery as standard, all you have to do is keep it charged.  If anything goes wrong through normal everyday use, the Motability Scheme will replace your battery free of charge.


Insurance Cover – You are covered in case of an accident, damage or theft, with no excess to pay.  You’re also covered for any damage caused by your scooter or powered wheelchair to other products, property or people.


Tailoring Your Choice With Optional Extras – Your leave package includes a weatherproof storage cover to protect your product when it’s not in use.  However, if you already have a cover you can choose another accessory up to the value of £35.



Which Scooter Or Powered Wheelchair Is Right For You?


The Motability Scheme offers a choice of over 300 products, so there’s bound to be one that suits your needs.


Scooters – A scooter is probably the right choice if you can travel relatively independently, get on & off easily without assistance & are able to use a steering column with both hands.  The Motability Scheme offers different types of scooter, from small, easy to transport models to sturdier, road-legal models that are good for longer distances.


Powered Wheelchairs – A powered wheelchair may be the right choice if you need mobility assistance throughout the day or around our home, if you don’t feel confident getting on or off seats, or if you can only operate joystick controls.


Things To Consider When Choosing A Product:

Your height & weight

How easy it is to get on & off

Your typical journey types (hills, distance, public roads, kerbs, etc)

Seat comfort for longer journeys

How solid or air-filled tyres affect the comfort of the ride

Where you could keep t at home & charge it up

The amount of shopping you will carry

Will you need to get the product through your front door?

Will you need to get the product into a care?

Can you easily reach the steering column or tiller?

How your disability affects you now & in the future



As Your Dealer We Will Take Care Of Everything


We want you to choose the scooter or powered wheelchair that’s right for you.  That’s why we are specially trained, we can visit you to discuss the products available.  Throughout your lease, we will handle everything for you, including: servicing, maintenance & repairs.



Helping You Make The Right Decision


As a Motability Scheme dealer we will give you individual advice to help you choose the right product for you.  We will come to your home to assess your needs & see hopw the product will fit around your home & your lifestyle.  We can bring a number of products for you to try; alternatively you can visit our showroom to see a wider range of models.



How the Motability Scheme Prices Work


The Motability Scheme prices are negotiated & updated every three months so that the Motability Scheme can provide you with the best offers for each manufacturer.


Prices are the same across all Motability Scheme dealerships & the price at the time you apply is the price you pay, even if it changes before you collect your product.



Searching Online


We recommend that you go online to scooters & use the Motability Scheme search tool to browse the full range of over 300 products.  Of course, you can also just contact us to start your search.


Using the Motability Scheme Search Tool


If You Know The Type Of Product You Need – Start your search by selecting this category.  For example, choosing Large Scooters will show you the Motability Schemes range of over 90 products within this category.


If You’re Not Sure Which Category You Need – Or, if you want to narrow your choice further, fill out the remaining search options with any specific requirements.  For example, if you need a large scooter with a minimum battery range of 30 miles, suitable for someone weighing over 150kg, the tool will only display the suitable scooters, currently around 40 products.


Products Matching Your Search – These are displayed underneath your search selections.  Click on a product to see more details.



Ready To Get Started?


Useful Contacts


The Motability Scheme

Browse the Motability Scheme’s latest list of products at

Find a choice of dealerships near you at

Or call one of the Motability Scheme Team on 0800 953 3060

If you have specialist Minicom equipment, please call the Motability Scheme’s text phone 0300 037 0100


Disability Living Allowance (DLA) Or Personal Independence Papyment (PIP) / Questions About Your Allowance

Department For Work & Pensions

Disability Living Allowance: 0800 121 4600

Personal Independence Payment: 0800 121 4433


Department For Communities (NI)

Disability Living Allowance: 0800 587 0912

Personal Independence Payment: 0800 587 0932


War Pensioners’ Mobility Supplement (WPMS) Or Armed Forces Independence Payment (AFIP)

Veterans UK: 0808 191 4218 


The Motability Scheme has recent launched a series of product reviews which can be viewed at


Useful Resources


A Guide To Leasing Your Next Scooter (PDF 1MB)

Your Guide To Leasing A Motability Scooter (PDF 1MB)

Planning Your Dealer Visit Checklist Scooters (PDF 37KB)

Easy Read Guide Scooters (PDF 868KB)

Choosing Your New Scooter Checklist (PDF 40KB)

Scooter Handbook (PDF 1MB)

Out & About (PDF 201KB)

PIP Information Leaflet (PDF 59KB)

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